Our Values

  • Quality – Ensuring quality management through all spectrums of our organization
  • Accountability – delivering on our commitments
  • Relationships – leading with integrity, trust, and a servants heart
  • Passion – Motivated to drive success, creativity and achievement 

What We Believe

We believe that people and relationships are at the heart of our success. We care deeply about all our relationships: home, work, customers and vendors. Our experience shows us that great relationships create great attitudes and great attitudes drive superior products and services. 

Humble Beginnings

Horizon Hydraulics was founded in 1983 by Wayne Lewis. At the time, current CEO Joe Lewis worked alongside his father Wayne part time. Wayne and Joe were the only employees of the company and worked out of a 500 square foot facility. Today, Horizon Hydraulics has grown into a company with 45 employees working out of a 30 thousand square foot facility. 

Why We Exist: Lifting, Powering, and Moving Others Toward Their Purpose 

Horizon Hydraulics cares about its staff and customers. We treat customers like family and take pride in providing the best in hydraulic and customer service. 

“In the hydraulic industry, quality is everything because when it’s on a machine and that machine’s down it can cost tens of thousands of dollars a minute for that machine to be down. So when they put one of our products on their machine, they’ll have 100 percent confidence it’s going to work and last.” – Joe Lewis, CEO

“The people we have here are among the best. Not only employees we have but as far as people. We are family oriented in this company and we strive to make everybody feel like they are part of our family, and this is a Horizon Hydraulics family.” – Pat Koerner, Shop Manager